Steps To Fix Your Roof

If you have a flat or low slope metal commercial or industrial roof that leaks:

  1. Contact Watertite Roofing - Our Operations Manager & Chief Estimator will review your flat or low slope roofing concerns with you and schedule a project meeting.
  2. Your on-site Inspection will begin with a full site walk-about.
  3. An overview of your roof condition, will be analyzed including: roofing composition, core testing, and roof leak detection.
  4. Detailed dimentions of roof sections and parameters will be measured.
  5. The location of specific roof equipment, such as skylights, roof drains, roof stacks & vents, HVAC units, gas lines, etc will be noted.
  6. Further examination of roof drainage systems and any related internal or external building concerns such as fire or paraphet walls or other roof intrusions will be completed.
  7. Any additional conditions that would impact roof access, project safety or related information such as building orientation, location and an exterior property will be recorded.
  8. Our in-house consulting team will review all the information about your roof, including photos and field notes. Should there be any unusual technicalities, we will further consult with the Duro-Last Manufacturing or Engineering Departments on your behalf. We will then compile full specifications for roofing your project, include roof replacement or repair options where applicable, calculate costing, provide you with a detailed report and total roof estimate for consideration.
  9.  Follow-up on your roof project, will include additional contact to see if there are any questions, concerns or explanations required of the estimate package. This may include attendance at board meetings or a secondary on-site meeting if necessary.
  10. Once approved--a signed purchase order and financial requirements are negotiated, your roofing solution begins!
  11. Your custom roofing materials and supplies are ordered and will be delivered to site as soon as possible.
  12. The roofing project will be scheduled on a weather permitting basis, also safety equipment and site set-up will proceed.
  13. Construction will start with clearing and preparing the roof surface. This may include removal of excess debris, old decayed roof materials, redundant roofing equipment and metal flashings. If repairs or replacement to roof deck is necessary it will be completed.
  14. Once a sound surface is achieved, any required roof insulation, base sheet and underlayment will be installed. After this your new Duro-Last PVC roofing membrane will be set-up, fastened, the roof detail work hot air welded, custom sheet metal fabricated, installed and finishing will be done.
  15. Upon completion, a roofing inspection will be scheduled with the Duro-Last manufacturer who will provide a qualified inspector to grade the roof installation with one of our own roofing technicians. If there are any roofing deficiencies noted they will be corrected as soon as possible so your roof will be cleared for warranty.
  16. Once the terms of the roofing contract are completed and paid for, you will be issued with your warranty and important roof maintenance information.
  17. Your building will now have "The World's Best Roof" but it's your roof, if you have any questions or concerns we are here to help you out - our promise!
  18. We value our business relationship together, and so you will be invited to join our Customer Care Portal. Here you can leave feedback directly to our President, contact our Operations Manager or Office Administrator about any concerns you may have. Ask us about roof maintenance programs and referral rewards that you may qualify for.   If you are happy with us review us on Google, like us on facebook, or connect on LinkedIn--thank you for your business!

We have been roofing contractors, roofers, specialists and installers in the flat and low slope metal roofing industry serving Niagara, Hamilton, Burlington, London and other areas throughout southern Ontario region for over 40 years! Be confident knowing we are certified Duro-Last Elite contractors who have achieved year-over-year roofing workmanship awards. The Duro-Last roofing specialty is PVC Cool White Roofing products and related roofing accessories. There are also solutions to your outdated metal roof systems. Ask about metal retrofit and overlay systems. You can also go to the Durolast Manufacturer Website for more technical roofing information and roof case studies.