Your Roof In The Weather

When it comes to protecting a flat roofing system, it's the not-so-obvious things that need consideration. Most building owners with flat roofs are rarely informed about the steps that should be taken to protect their investment. Below are some important roofing facts to keep in mind:

  • Strong winds tend to create serious suctions and pressures which may destabilize an aging roofing system.
  • Roof coatings may weaken due to intense solar exposure and should have periodic maintenance.
  • Gravel loss or scuffing due to high winds or water can expose roofing membranes to the elements.
  • Felts and insulation can breakdown from this weather exposure.
  • Tar and petroleum based roofing products react to oxidization, heat and temperature fluctuations.
  • Seasonal debris may clog your roof drainage system.
  • Ponding may result in leakage and damage to flat roofing materials and adds excessive weight to building envelope.
  • Water is the major cause of roof deterioration and must be drained away.
  • Lower buildings are particularly vulnerable to drifting and packing snow--ice build up and meltdowns from other sources  can impact water-proofing performance and do structural damage.