Help For Your Leaking Flat Roof

Why your flat roof could have leaks:

  1. Poor building maintenance, blocked roofing drainage, long-term ponding, debris accumulation on flat roof.
  2. Climate and weather conditions, extreme cold or heat/UV damage/strong winds/snow load/ice build-up.
  3. Improper flat roof installation or product specification, inexperienced installers, poor finishing or perimeter solutions.
  4. Wrong roofing system.
  5. Expired flat roof life expectancy.

Quick List--Flat Roof Problem Indicators:

  • Flat Roof Exterior--blisters or bubble areas/worn surfaces or coatings/punctures/missing flashings, fasteners or caulking/cracks or open seams, clogged drains, ponding or stagnant water, leaves, twigs or debris accumulation
  • Metal - rusting or corrosion, cracks, or loose and leaky seams
  • Building Interior--buckling ceiling tiles, damp stains, mold growth, leaks
  • A leaky flat roof can:
    • shut down operations
    • damage information and vital equipment
    • make you sick by causing dampness and airborne contaminates 
    • cause dry rot, or create compounding issues which will depreciate building equity

Mitigate damage caused by leaks and get the flat roofing solution you need! Contact us for a free roof estimate. We are "Elite" flat roofing contractors and certified Duro-Last installers. We have been providing flat roofing solutions to Ontario Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional buildings for over 40 years.

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