Why is Durolast The Worlds Best Roof?

Here are top ten reasons why to buy the Duro-Last Roof System:

1. Durability - does not degrade under water - tar and felt, or granular products breakdown when wet.

2. Longevity - outlasts many other roofing systems, time-tested roofing manufacturing technology over 40 years in business!

3. Product Performance - when monolithically welded, seams outlast other rolled roofing product installation techniques.

4. Best in class, long term roof warranty - Duro-Last manufacturer stands behind product!

5. Customization and pre-fabrication options - flexible, adaptable and may be designed to meet a variety of commercial and industrial specifications and requirements.

6. Reflective and UV stable - roofing product will not deteriorate expand and contract with light or heat exposure.

7. Rooftop wind, temperature and fire resistant.

8. Safe ease of installation, does not require hazardous torch-down or mopped down roofing techniques. Light weight - maybe be put on top of existing roofs, capable of recycling, retrofit applications.

9. Cost savings and value. Many financial benefits from less landfill expenses, to building energy efficiencies. Call Watertite Roofing for more information.

10. Superior customer and contractor support services by manufacturer - backed by an experienced engineering division. Duro-Last makes a "say/do" pledge and committment to do what they say and say what they do!

The combined skill of Watertite Roofing's Elite Contractor team with the premium quality Duro-Last roofing solution, provides customers throughout Ontario with "The World's Best Roof"!

Call Watertite Roofing for solutions to your leaky flat roof problems. We are an Ontario based, long-established flat roofing contractor serving Hamilton, Burlington, Niagara, Haldimand, London areas, and the GTA for four decades. Whether your flat roof covers an institution, industrial, or commercial facility, we have the expertise to meet your unique flat roofing requirements. If a repair, re-roof, retrofit or new flat roof is what you are looking for choose a reliable, experienced, reputable roofing business - one with a proven track record. Check into our many installations - we are happy to provide you with referrals! Watertite Roofing also gives free estimates, offers flat roofing assessments, extended warranties, roof maintenance programs, flexible terms and payment options customized to meet your fiscal criteria. We have extensive experience in tar & gravel flat roofs as well as modified bitumen rolled roofing systems, and have assessed many other roofing product lines. After decades in this industry we recommend the performance-proven, North American-made, single-ply, pvc Duro-Last flat and low slope roofing system as “our product of choice!”


An outdated tar and gravel roof being retrofit with a new Duro-Last flat roofing solution with a low slope roofing system performed by Watertite Roofing.

Duro-Last is "The World's Best Roof" because of a greener cleaner roofing installation, manufacturer backing and technical support, long-life expectancy and a prolonged transferable warranty period. In many cases the specification permits us to cap over your existing flat roof, preserving your roofing insulation--this can minimize the impact to your own operations and help save landfill costs. Roofing challenges are best handled by an established company which specializes in flat roofing solutions, so make Watertite Roofing your contractor of choice, and leave the rest to us!