Fake News, White Lies and Fibs in the Roofing Industry

Posted May 4th, 2017 in Roof Technology

For a minimum investment anyone can create the illusion of business credibility with a splashy website or quick print materials. So how can a consumer discern between facts and fiction in the flat roofing industry? Here are some tips to help determine which roofing company is worthy of your trust and business.

Website critique. Slick design is not a replacement of reality and website slight-of-hand animations do not necessarily give you accountable content. Clever script writers can twist wording to mislead a fact-finding consumer.  For example: "30 years of experience" does not equal "number of years in business". Look into that information, find out the  incorporation or business registration date--that is more credible than any service type statement. You could also question the potential roofer as to where this advertised experience came from. Years in business will give an indication if a roofing contractor is likely to be around long enough to honour a guarantee of workmanship or warranty.  Do background checking before awarding that roof contract worth thousands of dollars.

The Internet as we know it, has become a forum for allowing persons with less scruples to present themselves as honest individuals. There are plenty of backyard roofing businesses popping up on the web and buying their way into Google ranking results. Paid ad placements are not always a credibility indicator.

Cell numbers and mobile technology is useful to all of us, but even our children have access to them. Does your potential commercial roofing company have an established land-line or toll-free number? Companies that have those, have also reinvested dollars back into customer service.

Website testimonials are a limited-use tool, these are completely controlled by the web master or company. Take the time to ask for references, letters of endorsement or search on-line roofing reviews such as The Better Business Bureau or Google.

"Trusted Partner" affliations.  Ethically, no one should copy, insert and publish other business corporate logos without that suppliers full knowledge and permission. The use of these could be misleading one to think that a purchasing relationship with a supplier is an endorsement, validation or referral of the roofer. That is not necessarily so. However some commercial suppliers provide certification, sales or service awards--check those out or feel free to ask your potential roofing company for  supplier references--then make the call!

Business Location - the brick and mortar address. Here you can use the internet to your benefit, business locations can be viewed using apps such as Google Earth or Maps. You can see where your future roofing contractor is headquartered. Do they have a respectable business location or are they hiding behind shrubs? Another option is to personally visit the head office as most credible commercial businesses would have no problem with that.  Pictures of operations facilities can also help you sort out solid roofing operations from tailgate parties. Roofing businesses operating from cared for facilties have reinvested their profit dollars--they pay taxes, utilities, maintenance fees, and other expenses; they operate from a solid base and conform to appropriate commercial zoning bylaws - they care about their business and they will care about yours!

Community participation, trust, respect and involvement is an excellent indicator of the values of a company. These are provable by news articles, award plaques, or thank you letters. Also service club involvement is a huge credibility factor. Rotary Clubs, as one example do not accept anyone into their affiliation without a process of evaluation against a code of ethics called "The Four Way Test"--principles to guide life and business by.  Further, alot of time, energy, company and personal investment goes into service club memberships, only truly dedicated individuals honour those commitments.

Bottom line, there are plenty of roofers with a few pick-up trucks and an assortment of tools--Roofing Contracting Companies have provable vested interests in community and they maintain and upkeep a substantial investment into their own business integrity. Check for facts and beware of fibs before you choose your roofing contractor!