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Watertite Roofing Sponsors Ontario's Southcoast DreamDrive

Posted Jul 29th, 2022

Watertite Roofing is one of the proud corporate sponsors of a new important event for Southern Ontario communities from Fort Erie through to St. Thomas. Classic car lovers and spectators dreams will come true on September 17th and 18th

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Derecho Takes Canada By Storm

Posted May 26th, 2022 in Other News

This past week many communities across Ontario and into Quebec were faced with a weather phenomenon such as not recorded in recent history.

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Posted Apr 28th, 2021

Thank you Helen, for your genuine professionalism and loyalty to WTR!

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WTR Operations Manager Appointed to Duro-Last Emerging Leaders Advisory

Posted Feb 10th, 2021

Watertite Roofing is pleased to announce that our Operations Manager, Zak Keyes has been selected to represent Canada on the Emerging Leaders Advisory Board for Duro-Last

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Worried About Your Building Carbon Footprint? No Problem, Just Cool It!

Posted Jan 25th, 2021 in Roof Technology

Perhaps you had previously heard of The New York City Cool Roof Program? Maybe not, so here's a bit of a history lesson...(yay!) Briefly, during the tenure of NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg (2002-2013) there was a specific environmental initiative to reduce the city's carbon footprint, save energy costs, and create an employment opportunity for young workers. It was supported by the Energy Secretary to President Obama

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Watertite Roofing 2020 Review & 2021 Updates

Posted Jan 19th, 2021 in Other News

First and foremost, we hope that you, your families and your staff are safe and well during these unprecedented days. Covid-19 has proven to test every person on the planet in some way, and this is almost an unfathomable situation that all are working through together. For Watertite Roofing (WTR), our company showed corporate leadership and was quick to respond as this health crises emerged. We initiated significant mandates and measures into our health and safety plan

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Roof Abuse - you could void your roof warranty. Find out more...

Posted Dec 7th, 2020 in Other News

There are many ways in which building occupants, property managers or owners could unknowingly impact a perfectly good, sound roofing system or invalidate their roof warranty. So ask yourself the following questions:

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GivingTuesday Customer Appreciation Initiative

Posted Dec 1st, 2020

As part of the GivingTuesday campaign, Watertite Roofing has combined two important initiatives. One to recognize and thank it's customers for their business in 2020, and the other is to demonstrate this appreciation in a meaningful way.

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Accountability & Trust In The Roofing Industry

Posted Apr 30th, 2020

Life is too short to have to do any job twice. I've seen it all too many times where a business person trusts another business without having ever checked their references or work. In the complicated specification world of Commercial Roofing this is even more important. A new roof can easily cost as much as a new car or even a new house. When dealing with that amount of money, connecting to the wrong flat roofing contractor, and or buying the wrong roof can be an expensive economic disaster.

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WTR Co-owner Supports National Foodbank Campaign

Posted Apr 26th, 2020 in Other News

Co-owner and Vice-President of Watertite Roofing, Cheryl Merigold has joined the National Canadian Food Bank Campaign drive to help supply needy families with meals throughout the COVID-19 crisis. Food is an essential component of survival,

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