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Roofing Sleuthing - What Can be Done About A Leaky Roof?

Roofing Sleuthing - What Can be Done About A Leaky Roof?

Posted Jan 1st, 2020 in Roof Technology

Every building has its own footprint and characteristics which are unique. So each flat roofing project requires special considerations, a comprehensive analysis, and site-specific solutions to deal with a host of problems or issues that may arise during the lifespan of the property.

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Mohawk College Merigold Family Bursary 2019/2020

Posted Dec 16th, 2019

"...It has been a deeply rewarding opportunity to help others succeed in life. Something that has always been at the forefront of our day-to-day thoughts and actions..."

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Why is PVC used in roofing construction?

Posted Sep 16th, 2019 in Roof Technology

PVC, (polyvinyl chloride) is a popular plastic with multiple uses. It is widely utilized in the construction industry as it outperforms many conventional building materials such as metal, rubber, wood, and concrete. PVC has become the preferred choice for outdoor and building products such as window framing, siding, roofing, decking, water pipelines, conduit, fittings and much more - there are a number of key advantages for it's use in roofing construction. PVC is:

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Dunnville Hospital Benefits From Rotary Golf Tournament

Posted Sep 11th, 2019 in Other News

Another successful Golf Tournament was sponsored by the Rotary Club of Dunnville on September 6, 2019. Local businesses, entrepreneurs, club members and golfers alike attended this highly successful event.

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Watertite Roofing Staff Help Restore Community Mascot

Posted Sep 9th, 2019 in Other News

Community volunteers, Rotarians and staff from Watertite Roofing have been hands-on helpers throughout this week repairing and restoring the Dunnville Mudcat "Muddy" statue.

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Benefits of A Roofing Maintenance Program

Posted Aug 28th, 2019

“…Forgetting about maintenance…This is perhaps the single
biggest cause of roof failure…”
-- Durolast

While Duro-Last Roofing Systems provide high tech and industry-leading building coverage, your roof performance, your building protection and your valuable roof warranty can be impacted by whether or not regular roofing maintenance and inspections are done or arranged by you.  

Routine  maintenance can help with early detection of potential issues including:

  • Impacts of harsh weather such as wind, ice or snow loads.
  • Structural problems caused by building movement.
  • Worn caulking or punctures which could lead to potential leakage.
  • Plugged drainage causing ponding.
  • Roof edge flashing or metal deteriorations, the waterproofing at roof penetrations such as HVAC or around other rooftop equipment locations.
  • Signs of improper foot traffic, misuse or damage by other trades or vandalism.

Help protect your building and roofing investment today. Give Watertite Roofing a call at 1 800 263-8452 and with a minimal yearly service fee, put your building on a semi annual inspection schedule. We will monitor the performance of your roofing system, clear your drains, check parameter details, and help you maintain the integrity of your valuable Duro-Last roofing system.

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Roofing Company Thank You From Optimist Club

Posted Aug 26th, 2019 in Other News

Watertite Roofing recently received an acknowledgement from the President of The Optimist Club of Dunnville--47060, for a gift in kind of roof repairs and sponsorship of their Annual Golf Tournament.

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Watertite Roofing Receives 2018 Elite Contractor Award!

Posted Feb 11th, 2019

Watertite Roofing has just received another achievement award from the Duro-last manufacturer. The 2018 Elite Contractor award and certification for "outstanding" workmanship is our 10th year of consecutive roofing honors.This recognition and accolade is due to the sincere efforts of our roofing production crew and management staff.

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Duro-Last The World's Best Roof

Posted Jan 27th, 2019

Video About the World's Best Roof

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Watertite Roofing Presented with 3rd Duro-Last Admiral Award!

Posted Jan 27th, 2019

​The owners of Watertite Roofing Cheryl and Archie Merigold, along with Operations Manager and Chief Estimator, Zak Keyes were the proud recipients of the Duro-Last Admiral Award during the Duro-Last Contractor Awards Banquet this past week in Orlando, Florida.

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