Your Roof Under The Weather?

Posted Sep 29th, 2017 in Other News

When it comes to protecting a flat roofing system, it's the not-so-obvious things that need consideration. Some building owners or commercial facility managers may not realize how various circumstances can impact their flat roof performance. Important roofing factors to consider: 

  • Strong winds can generate serious uplift, suctions and pressures which could destabilize a roofing system.
  • Driving rains with prevailing winds can create an unusual leaking event--usually this attacks a weak roof edge or paraphet wall detail. Sometimes leaking in these weather related circumstances is found to be around window seals, thru deteriorating masonry or at access doors leading to the rooftop. The leak might not be from your roof system after all!
  • Roof coatings will deteriorate with solar exposure and should have periodic maintenance.
  • HVAC units have to be regularly serviced as often pans or piping are rusted or worn out.
  • Gravel loss or scuffing due to high winds or water can expose roofing membranes to weather elements.
  • Roof felts and insulation may breakdown from solar exposure.
  • Tar and petroleum based roofing products expand and contract as they react to oxidization, heat and temperature fluctuations.
  • Seasonal debris, and other organic materials clog your roof drainage system and must be cleared away.
  • Standing water is a major cause of roof deterioration.
  • Ponding may damage certain flat roofing materials, and also adds excessive weight to the building envelope. Usually indicates a need to improve drainage.
  • Lower buildings are particularly vulnerable to winter weather circumstances of drifting and packing snow. Ice build up and meltdowns from other sources such as higher building sections, can hamper water-proofing performance and do structural damage. Further, icicles or falling tree branches can perforate certain roofing surfaces.


Example of severe drainage issues and ponding water.

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