15 Reasons Why Your Roof Is Leaking...

Posted Jan 20th, 2020

You may have a flat, or low slope roof and perhaps this roof is tar and gravel, EPDM, Metal, PVC or TPO. Regardless, here are common causes of leaks in your building:

1.  Membrane - end of lifespan, deterioration, poor installation.

2.  Seams - splitting or improperly adhered.

3.  Caulking - cracking or worn.

4.  Fasteners - popped or missing.

5.  Expansion Joints - separating due to building movement.

6.  Termination Bars - loose.

7.  Metal Flashings - missing or bent due to weather.

8.  Exterior Wall - crumbling or old materials.

9.  Paraphet Wall or Chimney - worn masonry.

10. HVAC or other Utilitiy protrusions - rusting or installed incorrectly.

11. Curbs - broken down.

12. Skylights - broken seal or damaged caulking.

13. Vents - missing or damaged.

14. Heat Stacks or Skuppers - improperly placed.

15. Drains - inadequate, or plugged, and non-functioning.

If you are in the Golden Horseshoe Area of Southern Ontario, get in touch with Watertite Roofing and ask for a roofing inspection to determine the causes of your roof leaks. Schedule a free quote here! We are Elite Certified Specialists in PVC Duro-Last Roofing Projects.