WTR Co-owner Supports National Foodbank Campaign

Posted Apr 26th, 2020 in Other News

Co-owner and Vice-President of Watertite Roofing, Cheryl Merigold has joined the National Canadian Food Bank Campaign drive to help supply needy families with meals throughout the COVID-19 crisis. Food is an essential component of survival, without nourishment human beings shutdown mentally and physically--no one can function without life's basics. The founder of The Salvation Army, William Booth, held to the simple belief that there was no point preaching "salvation" to hungry people. Hence the creation of a mission of "soup, soap and salvation'. Those founding principles became the driving force of an agency that has contributed to the basic needs of tens of millions each year in over 150 years of history.

"During an exceptional  circumstance everyone must find a place, strike up a torch, and shed light in the dark corners of society - we all need to find a way to do better, be better and help others get better. We need to help hold one another together" said Merigold." My own personal pledge is to sponsor at least 1,000 meals to shelters throughout this time of crisis."

"Before Covid, before isolation, before this great humbling; my team and I have silently clothed hundreds of women throughout our work with shelters and have further helped feed many through our years of support of The Salvation Army and Mission Services. This ongoing  behind-the-scenes kind of help has continued for decades. Now however, it seems we all need to call out stories of kindness to encourage others and help prompt every able citizen of the world to rise up.

We have all heard the hard-times melodies about following the rules of staying home, distancing, grappling for food in a regulated environment. How much more difficult is this journey for those who during normal times have a daily struggle for a meal? Do your part, we are doing ours.