Accountability & Trust In The Roofing Industry

Posted Apr 30th, 2020


Life is too short to have to do any job twice. I've seen it all too many times where a business person trusts another business without having ever checked their references or work. In the complicated specification world of Commercial Roofing this is even more important. A new roof can easily cost as much as a new car or even a new house. When dealing with that amount of money, connecting to the wrong flat roofing contractor, and or buying the wrong roof can be an expensive economic disaster. A huge, costly mistake.Wrong business decisions get people fired. Some problems due to a lack of trust, end up in court. Your best to take enough time to find the right roofing contractor to represent and work for you. Who would you believe, a roofing contractor with 43 years experience or a roofer with a few years in business? Even if the cost is a little more. Look to the experienced roofing contractor, then check him out.
The single most important decision you will make in business is to know you can completely trust the person or company you are doing business with. And that they can easily complete the task at hand. From the start of any new business relationship, comes the hope that the plan set in place will work 100%. As any business deal rolls out, things will often change, causing delays, setbacks or even adjustments. That's when the true metal of any business is shown. Everyone expects their business transaction to go off completely flawless. In the real world things can and do go bump in the night. It is important to know and feel  regardless what happens; that the roofing business you are connected to has your back. That they will work with you, in your and their mutual best interest to solve any problems that may arise. It is always better to do business with someone you can trust as opposed to someone you do not know or have not taken the time to VET or checkout. When you can trust your roofing business and your roofing business has a manufacturer supplier that is also trustworthy you are getting the best possible roof solution. Watertite Roofing changed its business model over 12 years ago and we are exclusive, elite, award-winning roofing contractors of Duro-Last Roofing products. Check out for more information about the Worlds Best Roof! In my 50 years of  business experience; it is unusual for every single thing in a business transaction to go perfectly; especially in the world of roofing or construction where large dollar contracts are common. What deeply connects businesses is how small or large unforeseen changes to the original plan are dealt with. Most companies in business start out with 100 percent, 100 marks. When things go bump in the night; points are lost. Changes and/or things happen and adjustments need to be made. End of day TRUST is the ground upon which people can easily settle adjustments during an ongoing contract. Most important, in the world of Commercial Roofing; the business relationship extends many years beyond the end of the contract. Warranties connect client's and contractors for up to 20 years. When the dust settles, any business you're giving your trust to must work in your best interest for the long term.

Sincerely Archie Merigold,

President Watertite Roofing