You have a new Duro-Last roof, now what?

Posted Sep 14th, 2022 in Roof Technology

Your new Duro-Last PVC roof has been tailored to your building requirements, it has been installed by a certified Duro-Last roofing contractor and inspected by a trusted Duro-Last Quality Assurance Technical Representative. Everything is in order; invoices are paid, and you have received your warranty information. You are now covered by your contractor and Duro-Last joint workmanship and product guarantee. If for any reason you have issues during the first two years of your roof performance, contact your original installation contractor as soon as any problems arise. After the first two years of your roof performance, any concerns will be addressed directly by the Duro-Last Warranty Department.

If you are a customer who has a new Duro-Last Roofing System, have you been advised how to check it out? Here are some basic roofing maintenance tips:

1. Maintain records, keep a roofing file and include your specification, invoicing and warranty details.

2.Coordinate routine inspections. Spring and Fall are ideal times.

3. Inspect for roof damages after severe weather events.

4. Repair correctly. Roof repairs must be performed by Duro-Last authorized dealer or contractor.

5. Keep roof free and clean of debris, environmental situations and biological growth.

6. Check that metal work, sealants and any masonry are in good condition.

7. Maintain rooftop equipment. HVAC units, vents and ducts maybe problem areas.

8. Minimize rooftop traffic. Restrict access to only essential personnel.

Still there are more ways that you should be protecting your capital investment, here is a link so you can download the comprehensive Duro-Last Roofing System Care and Maintenance Guide & Owner Checklist.