Support the Red Cross - Help Our Maritime Neighbours

Posted Sep 25th, 2022 in Other News

To our Atlantic Coast Neighbours and Fellow Canadian Citizens,

As the reality of Hurricane Fiona begins to settle, please know that our thoughts are with you all! 

Hundreds of thousands are without power, supplies and have had significant damages to houses and businesses. The staff and families of Watertite Roofing send out our heartfelt prayers, and in an effort to do something in support of our Atlantic neighbours, WTR has made a donation to the Red Cross Hurricane Fiona in Canada Appeal. This contribution will be matched by The Government of Canada. 

We encourage all fellow business owners and operators to help support this critical and urgent cause. We work under weather-dictating circumstances, and well-know how quickly natural forces can change our situations.  Thank goodness that agencies such as the Canadian Red Cross are working to get help out where it is needed quickly as possible. The least we can all do is make a donation to help them carry out their very essential work. Here is more information: About Red Cross Hurricane Fiona in Canada Appeal