Watertite Roofing & Duro-Last - A North American Alliance!

The relationship of our flat roofing company and Duro-Last began over 10 years ago. After many decades in the flat roofing industry we had seen, tried and applied a variety of water-proofing roof systems on numerous facilities. We started originally with roof coatings to rolled roofing membranes to tar and gravel, but there were so many risks that some of these roof systems presented--we knew there had to be a better approach. Venturing forward to seek the best roofing solutions possible, we have come to believe that Duro-Last offers the highest quality in roofing products, processes and roof warranties for our customers. We are proud of this North American alliance together--win/win for our companies, but ultimately it's our customer who benefits most!  CanadianAmericanFlagsFlip.jpg

"Thank you for your active participation in the Contractors Advisory Board meeting during the Duro-Last National Sales Seminar in Orlando. I appreciated your leadership as an experienced Duro-Last Contractor, and value your opinions." - Tom Saeli, CEO Duro-Last

Here is the story behind "The World's Best Roof".

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