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Insulated PVC Metal Retrofit Systems

Provide long-term water-proofing solutions for aged & leaking metal roofs. All PVC retrofit systems are insulated, improving building heating & cooling efficiency. Building operations continue as normal during roofing installations with warranties superseding those of the steel roofing industry.  Click Here to visit our Metal Roof Solutions website.

The Right Metal Roofing Contractor

For over 40 years Watertite Roofing has provided low slope, metal & flat roofing solutions for commercial, industrial & institutional buildings. As experienced Roofing Contractors we use a Building Science approach to customer needs. Understanding that referrals are the basis of long-term business, Watertite is proud to inform that 30% of our business is derived from referrals and over 40% from repeat business with major corporate clients. Receive a free estimate and detailed summary for your building needs.

AmericanCanadianFlag.jpgMetal Roofs - The Perfect Solution

Duro-Last roofing has been an industry innovator in industrial & commercial roofing products for over 40 years. Duro-Last PVC metal retrofit systems are manufactured in the U.S.A. & installed by Canadian contractors, ensuring a superior North American roofing system.

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Perfect Fit For Metal Retrofit

The Perfect Fit For Metal Retrofit

There are good reasons to choose metal roofing, including lowering initial installation costs and superior protection against fire. But time catches up with everything, including metal roofs. Years of exposure to the elements, hot and cold extremes and rust and corrosion can combine to compromise your metal roof’s integrity. In fact, if your metal roof is more than a few years old, you probably know the frustration of leaky buildings and escalating maintenance costs. And you’re not alone. With over 60 billion square feet of metal roofing in place in the United States and two billion more installed each year, that adds up to a lot of leaks and a lot of money spent fighting them.

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Introduction to the Duro-Last Retrofit System