When Safety Has First Place, Accidents Have No Place!

Watertite Roofing has workplace safety guidelines and policies in place to prevent job-site accidents, injuries or emergencies, yet provide customers effective roofing/construction solutions. We endeavour to meet or exceed legislative regulations as outlined within the Occupational Health and Safety Act supplemented by additional legislation such as GHS/WHMIS (Global Harmonized System/Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System). These legislated policies are reviewed as pertinent information becomes available. Our staff are continually upgraded in product information, fall arrest, trade seminars, new equipment usage and building techniques.

Before we start each roofing project we:

  • Monitor & communicate prevailing weather conditions which may directly affect site conditions, staff and building safety.
  • Supply and maintain appropriate tools, equipment and protective clothing.
  • Explain site-specific health and safety rules to ensure safe conduct and working environment.
  • Inspect/monitor project sites regularly and ensure that customer representatives/building owners are informed of any applicable concerns.
  • Take corrective action if required.
  • Maintain Worker’s Compensation certificate of clearance and up-to-date certificates of insurance.

All workers are responsible to:

  • Review safety information at the start of each project.
  • Carefully plan our work to avoid risk of injury or accident.
  • Review proper tools and equipment for the job.
  • Understand the correct procedures and regulations regarding the job.
  • Be aware of hazards specific to each job site.
  • Investigate unsafe conditions or situations, and initiate emergency response where necessary.

Conventional roofing practice has flat roofers applying flammable materials with an ignition source--doesn't make safety-sense does it? The managment of Watertite Roofing have assessed dangers of the flat roofing industry. In an effort to mitigate potential problems,  we have researched options, then selected the safest practices to use and found some of the best roofing systems available. We have detached almost completely from torch down material roofing projects.