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Tar & Gravel or Torch Roofing - been there, done it--best avoid it!

Posted Mar 15th, 2018

Watertite Roofing has been in operation for over 40 years. During this time we have applied many flat and low slope roofing systems--including torch down modified and asphalt.  Why are they the wrong roofing choice for your building? One four letter word - RISK!  Roofing is a venture with unavoidable safety challenges. Why add an unnecessary problem?  Top of the risk-list with these roofing types is FIRE! Torch down systems and roofing product lines which have to be hot-mopped pose flash point potential. Hot tar is normally applied using a cotton headed mop with a wooden handle or paper base felts are torched into place. None of it makes sense, and most of it is an exclusion on insurance policies.


Another reason to  reconsider your roofing choice is longevity. Tar, modified or rubber roofing eventually denigrates with exposure to the elements and when under water which is counterproductive to the purpose of waterproofing.

Having completed countless installations of built-up, tar & gravel, metal, EPDM and rolled roofs, we have seen the roofing construction industry transition from coal tar pitch, built-up tar & gravel,  rubber membrane and metals to a variety of new technology rolled roofing products.  After extensive experience and decades in this business, our roofing product line of choice is the North American made Duro-Last PVC thermoplastic pre-engineered system. We can find no longer-lasting or safer roofing alternative to offer our customers.

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From The WTR Archives - Roofing Business Staff Help Rotary Club

Posted Feb 12th, 2018

Rotarian and commercial roofing business owner, Archie Merigold, ended up waist deep in Grand River water at the inaugural Duck Race in June, 1993. This first major fund raiser coordinated by a newly forming local Rotary Club started as a bit of a keystone cop comedy when a rogue group of 5,000 plastic ducks broke free from the track due to unexpected high winds. Crowds were thoroughly entertained and cheered as even the local coast guard attempted rescue! The Duck Race eventually became a regular and favorite activity at the annual MudCat Festival in Dunnville, Ontario. Watertite Roofing staff and their spouses helped Rotary regularly with the annual set-up and selling of tickets. Tens of thousands of dollars were raised for community projects due to the hard working organizers--Rotarians, their partners and support from many community-caring businesses.



Business Owners & Chartering Rotarian Members at annual Duck Race Fund Raiser.

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Duro-Last Celebrates 40 Year Anniversary - Congratulations!

Posted Jan 30th, 2018

The recent 2018 National Sales Seminar in San Antonio, Texas was reason for celebration--Duro-Last has been manufacturing it's premier PVC Roofing product line now over 40 years! 

Watertite Roofing's  affiliation as Elite Roofing Contractors and award winning flat roofing Installers was also recognized, and we now have 11 years of a strong contractor/manufacturer bond together.

The symposium focus was about the importance of building trust in business relationships. New products, customer feedback, ideas, and performance analysis specifically with competing product lines were also discussed.

As always, the team at Duro-Last coordinates top shelf seminars--a very positive outlet for an exchange of opinions, interaction with peer groups, opportunities to share experiences and learn what is trending in the roofing construction industry.

If you are doing your R & D, looking to choose a roofing contractor and product line that is best suited for your building consider this--both Watertite Roofing and Duro-Last companies have over 80 years of combined roofing business experience at your disposal. This is verifiable information that you can trust!

Watertite Roofing wins Elite Contractor Award from Duro-Last

Watertite Roofing receives 2017 Outstanding Workmanship Elite Contractor Award from Duro-Last representatives. Centre right is Archie Merigold, President of Watertite Roofing and centre left is Zak Keyes, Operations Manager. Congratulations to the Watertite team for another year of roofing contractor performance excellence!

Watertite Roofing Company Background:
Flat roofing commercial, industrial roofing contractor specialist in roof replacement, repairs, metal retrofit and new construction of roofs in Ontario - Hamilton, Burlington, Niagara and more since 1976. Watetite Roofing is a division of Tarmco Construction that was established over 40 years ago to provide roof water-proofing solutions, and roofing services on a variety of buildings and facilities. Our construction experience base allows us to complete many phases of roof reconstruction.

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To Our Customers, A Special Thank You and Business Updates.

Posted Jan 9th, 2018 in Other News

Owners of Watertite Roofing

On behalf of Watertite Roofing staff, production and specialty crews we would like to take this moment to thank you for your business and we wish you every success in the year ahead.

Company Updates:

For us, 2017 was a year of growth, potential and challenges in a faster-than-ever changing construction sector. Through data management and anaylsis, first we realized that a high percentage of roofing work awarded was from repeat customers. (Yes, been around that long!) Facilities owners and managers previously worked for called us back to apply new roofing technologies--some to the traditional tar and gravel projects from those early years, others invited us to work on new properties acquired. Secondly, referral business made up almost a third of our roofing contracts. This means we have been recognized by others through the recommendations and experiences of their peers, associates and friends. What a huge compliment that is and we are grateful for these relationships! Thirdly, new business was acquired through motivated people doing internet searches. All of us understand the frustrations of finding right and relevant website results so our staff responded as soon as possible to these valuable inquiries.  Finally, we recognized that face-to-face and personal contact is still appreciated in todays increasingly impersonal world, so we also focused on direct contact through mobile sales staff who desired to meet and make new connections.

Where and how can we improve our roofing operations?  You, are welcomed to tell us! As our customer, you keep us in business, and the amount of trust that is placed in us to do the right roofing job is never taken lightly!

Our pledge: Each and every project is approached with the best of our abilities from initial contact through completion. Roofing work is not for the faint of heart--every project has unique construction complexities along with safety and weather factors. With over 40 years in the roofing construction business we know sometimes things do not go as planned, but we are there to make it right however possible. If the unexpected happens--as it does in life--we will be there for you and this is backed by our business affiliation with Duro-last to help in the process. 

So going and growing forward, we intend to make Watertite Roofing the best roofing company possible. If we give you anything less than an attitude of willingness to help, adapt, change or even reboot where necessary, contact us personally.

Thank you again - your business, is our business too!

Cheryl and Archie Merigold

VP and President

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British Columbia Red Cross Fires Appeal & Hurricane Disaster Relief Funds

Posted Oct 18th, 2017

Extreme weather and climatic circumstances this year have been brutal and a tremendous number of people, their homes and properties have been critically impacted. In most cases their communities and buildings simply were not designed, and constructed to survive historic, epic natural disasters. It has been heart-wrenching to witness such human vs environment catastrophic events and we wondered how to help.

The first name in disaster relief and community assistance often thought of is The Red Cross.

So simply, we have contributed through the British Columbia Red Cross Fires Appeal Recovery Fund along with the International Emergencies & Disaster Fund. We encourage all business owners to consider also how you may make a difference. Please help those who's lives and livelihoods changed so dramatically during these last few months.

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Your Roof Under The Weather?

Posted Sep 29th, 2017

When it comes to protecting a flat roofing system, it's the not-so-obvious things that need consideration. Some building owners or commercial facility managers may not realize how various circumstances can impact their flat roof performance. Important roofing factors to consider: 

  • Strong winds can generate serious uplift, suctions and pressures which could destabilize a roofing system.
  • Driving rains with prevailing winds can create an unusual leaking event--usually this attacks a weak roof edge or paraphet wall detail. Sometimes leaking in these weather related circumstances is found to be around window seals, thru deteriorating masonry or at access doors leading to the rooftop. The leak might not be from your roof system after all!
  • Roof coatings will deteriorate with solar exposure and should have periodic maintenance.
  • HVAC units have to be regularly serviced as often pans or piping are rusted or worn out.
  • Gravel loss or scuffing due to high winds or water can expose roofing membranes to weather elements.
  • Roof felts and insulation may breakdown from solar exposure.
  • Tar and petroleum based roofing products expand and contract as they react to oxidization, heat and temperature fluctuations.
  • Seasonal debris, and other organic materials clog your roof drainage system and must be cleared away.
  • Standing water is a major cause of roof deterioration.
  • Ponding may damage certain flat roofing materials, and also adds excessive weight to the building envelope. Usually indicates a need to improve drainage.
  • Lower buildings are particularly vulnerable to winter weather circumstances of drifting and packing snow. Ice build up and meltdowns from other sources such as higher building sections, can hamper water-proofing performance and do structural damage. Further, icicles or falling tree branches can perforate certain roofing surfaces.


Example of severe drainage issues and ponding water.

Watertite Roofing Company History
Flat roofing commercial, industrial roofing contractor specialist in roof replacement, repairs, metal retrofit and new construction of roofs in Ontario - Hamilton, Burlington, Niagara and more since 1976. Watetite Roofing is a division of Tarmco Construction which was established over 40 years ago to provide roof water-proofing solutions, and roofing services on a variety of buildings and facilities.

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From the WTR Archives - Watertite Roofing Owners Help Sponsor RCAF Museum 2010

Posted Aug 28th, 2017

Watertite Roofing owners, Archie and Cheryl Merigold were amongst like-minded business owners who were honored and thanked during a gathering at the No. 6 RCAF Museum in Dunnville, Saturday October 16th.  Specifically the Merigold's offered support and helped sponsor a piece of aviation history--the 1940 Yale NA-64 aircraft. Their donations helped maintain and store the priceless artifact of WWII throughout 2010. The sponsorship was part of a community driven initiative to care for planes and relics housed at the local museum. (That project was especially important to the couple, as Archie's father served in the RCAF and was stationed in Britain. It was there Norman Merigold met his future wife Phyllis--who later came to Canada as a war-bride. In 1940, they experienced first-hand the bombing blitz of London during WWII.)

Donations such as these "help to keep the memories alive, the history alive" as quoted by a fellow benefactor in a covering article published by The Regional News This Week, October 20, 2010.


Watertite Roofing Company Background
Flat roofing commercial, industrial roofing contractor specialist in roof replacement, repairs, metal retrofit and new construction of roofs in Ontario - Hamilton, Burlington, Niagara and more since 1976. Watetite Roofing is a division of Tarmco Construction that was established over 40 years ago to provide roof water-proofing solutions, and roofing services on a variety of buildings and facilities. Our construction experience base allows us to complete many phases of roof reconstruction. By being able to work on roof drainage, plumbing tie-ins, carpentry details, skylights, metal fabrications, welding and rigging work, we are enabled to facilitate on-site progress and eliminate many cross-over trade delays. This provides timely control and continuity through each flat roofing or metal retrofit project.

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Duro-Last Roofing Contractor Advisory Board Meets in Nashville, Tennesee

Posted Aug 11th, 2017

Archie Merigold, President/Owner of Watertite Roofing was pleased to represent Canadian installers at the recent Duro-Last Contractor Advisory Board meeting held in Nashville. It was an excellent opportunity to meet, mingle and exchange ideas with some of the most highly-respected roofing company owners in America, along with the dedicated senior management team at Duro-Last.

During the two day think-tank event, this exclusive group of business people shared insights, feedback and made suggestions to help improve various product lines or services between the Duro-Last manufacturers and it's contractors. Ultimately the efforts of this collaboration benefit all existing or potential customers who have or will have Duro-Last products on their buildings.

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From the WTR Archives - Watertite Roofing 1988 Mixed Slo-Pitch Provincial Champs!

Posted Aug 1st, 2017

Watertite Roofing and the Merigold family have long been supportive of community activities, events and causes.

During the mid-to-late eighties their flat roofing company sponsored a men's slo-pitch baseball team which won many regional awards and divisional titles. "Watertite Roofing was always the team to beat" remarked one opponent Ron Shirton, former member of the Royals. "They were a tough group..." he reminisced. In 1988 they had the rather ballsy and spirited idea of pulling together a co-ed mixed team of hometown athletes to register and play in The Ontario Provincial Slo-Pitch competition. The resulting team of feisty, energetic personalities had never played together competitively before, yet they brought home the ultimate title of 1988 Mixed Slo-Pitch Provincial Champions! It was a gritty, competitive weekend that surprised Watertite Roofing owner, Archie Merigold. "They were the unstoppable team that just won EVERYTHING!" .


The Watertite Roofing 1988 Mixed Slo-Pitch Provincial Champions from left to right:

Top: Bobby Green, Alf Nelson, Paul Gurnick, Paul Kostelny, Brian Ottoway, John Patton, Randy Arrowsmith, Rick Hanna, Gord Chymko & JP (John Paul) Jacob Bottom: Tom Nelson, Terri Jacob, Becky Kowaleski, Tracy Adams, Carolyn Chymko, Leanne Chymko, Vicki Pettigrew, Janice Veldman & Jeff Jacob

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Weather Alerts, Building Issues, & Roof Drainage

Weather Alerts, Building Issues, & Roof Drainage

Posted May 6th, 2017

There has been an unprecedented amount of rainfall this spring with more predicted to come. All of us are receiving weather emergency alerts from Environment Canada, weather channels, newscasters and even insurance companies are sending out warnings.

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